Die Berliner Mauer 1989
The Berlin Wall 1989
You can order the photo-book "The Berlin Wall 1989" for  20,00 Euro  plus forwarding expenses. You can order per e-mail, telefon, fax and letter too.

It's possible to pay per prepayment or C.O.D (cash on delivery). When it's agreed , you can get perbill or pick up. On request you can pay per Paypal..

e.g. for 1 book   forwarding expenses invoice total
advance payment: Germany 4,00 EUR 24,00 EUR
  all another countries 6,50 EUR 26,50 EUR
C.O.D.: Germany 6,00 EUR 26,00 EUR
  all another countries 15,00 EUR   35,00 EUR

After order you get an e-mail with the copy of your particulars. Also you get an
e-mail with the confirmation of payment, the number and the date of sending. If you order "cash on delivery", you get the code of registration too. The consignment/letter contains the bill.

Another quantities desired, as you can select in the order form:   Please ask..

Please fill in the below order form and transfer the amount to designated account.
With the order confirmation you get the dates of account. Please write your complete name in the transfer form.

Important by C.O.D. - cash on delivery (05/2014):

Germany :
The forwarding expenses result from: porto + C.O.D. fee (2,40 EUR) + collection-fee of German Post.
The amount of account for the sender is not contained the collection-fee of German Post. By recieve of the consignment/letter you must pay total: amount of account + collection of German Post (at the time 2,00 EUR).

All another countries (Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Austria, Portugal, San Marino, Switzerland, Spain, Tunesien, Turkey, Hungary, Vatican city):
It's the same way how in Gemany. The C.O.D. fee is 4,00 EUR plus obliged registration fee 2,05 EUR.The encashment is different in every country. Please look for informations in your country, because the encashment ist NOT make a note of the consignment/ letter!

Paypal payments:

Within Germany and euroland Paypal payments does not make sense, because all transferals between euro accounts are free of charge.

Paypal payments form not-eurolands are useful. They are fast and cost-effective.

The Paypal-fees are deducted from the account of the seller. I must ask you to pay these fees. You find in the order form theses possibilities selectable.

My account:         kontakt@fotografic-berlin.de