Die Berliner Mauer 1989
The Berlin Wall 1989
This album shows 179 representative photos of the photographic documentation. With attention to detail the large formats pictures offering the viewer a spectacular overview of the Berlin Wall. From well-knowns sites such as the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz or Friedrichstraße railway station, to other prominent parts of the route such as Osthafen, Bouchéstraße, and Treptow up to the "bank fortification" of Griebnitzsee and Kleinmachnow-Teltow, the size of this "protection wall" becomes clear. It also brings into relief the harassment und absurdity under the people had to reside. The cover, title, preface, the captions and the detailed picture list are printed in german and english.

196 pages210 x 270 mm
ISBN 978-3-9812253-3-4