Die Berliner Mauer 1989
The Berlin Wall 1989
A photografic documentation

Following lengthy negotiations with the former East German border troops, shortly after November 9, 1989 the author was granted the opportunity to work on a photo documentation. The work has been aimed at reflecting the Berlin Wall before its demolition with all its facets, as complete as it still was at that time.

The approx. 2500 photos have been taken in the period of December 1989 till March 1990 and represent the condition of the Berlin Wall when it was about to be torn down in 1989. With very few exceptions, the documentation shows the Berlin Wall in its full length of 156 km, as well as relevant lakes and rivers, underground stations of Berlin city railway and subway lines which were blocked, devided or otherwise affected by the once functioning Wall.

The black/white photos are available as negatives format 6x6. A selection of maps on a scale of 1:5000 let the viewer gain insight into the specific locations and the respective line of vision for each individual image. Each photo can be assigned to an explicit location. This is undoubtedly possible even for locations In regions of the Berlin landscape that have changed substantially since 1989.

You con look at 39 images in the picturegallery.